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Member Of The Rompe Onu Sentenced To Life In Prison For Violating The Rico Act In Puerto Rico, Drug Charges And Violent Acts

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, District of Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico– Pedro Vigio-Aponte, a/k/a “Pedrito/Pedrito He-Man/Pello/Pedrito Trauma” was sentenced to be in prison for the remainder of his natural life by the Honorable Judge Francisco A. Besosa for his participation in drug trafficking and violent acts, including a drive-by shooting murder, announced United States Attorney, Rosa Emilia Rodríguez-Vélez. After a nine-day jury trial that concluded on December 18, 2016, Vigio-Aponte was found guilty of a RICO conspiracy, a drug conspiracy, possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking, a drive-by shooting murder, and using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence to cause the death of three persons.  

At trial, the United States presented numerous witnesses to establish Vigio-Aponte’s participation in drug trafficking and murder in furtherance of a criminal organization known as “La Rompe ONU.” Through its criminal activities “La Rompe ONU” enriched its members and maintained and increased the power of the organization. Members of “La Rompe ONU” would sell crack, cocaine, heroin, and marihuana in public housing projects, including: Jardines del Paraíso, Villa Andalucía, Alturas de Cupey, Jardines de Cupey, Brisas de Cupey, Los Claveles, Nuestra Señora de Covodonga, Los Lirios, Jardines de Monte Hatillo, Jardines de Campo Rico, Jardines de Berwind, San Martín, Monte Park, and Villa Lomas Verdes Public Housing Projects; as well as El Polvorín Ward, Mango Sector and other surrounding areas within the municipalities of San Juan, Trujillo Alto and Carolina, PR. Moreover, members of the organization used violence and intimidation, including murder, to increase the power, territory, and profits of “La Rompe ONU.” At trial, the United States presented evidence of Vigio-Aponte and other member’s participation in various murders, including the Los Paseos Massacre for which the jury found Vigio-Aponte guilty.

In the Los Paseos Massacre, members of La Rompe ONU murdered Santos Diaz-Camacho, a/k/a “Joel Bazooka” and his two body guards, Kevin Soto-Roman, a/k/a “El Gordo” and Juan Rosario-Mercado, a/k/a “Toñito” because Diaz-Camacho, who was a leader of La Rompe ONU, had allied himself with a rival drug trafficking organization. Because of this, the main leader of La Rompe ONU ordered his murder. On July 20, 2011, Vigio-Aponte and other members of La Rompe ONU drove in three separate vehicles to commit this murder.  A member of La Rompe ONU provided the group with the location of Diaz-Camacho and informed them that he was driving a car and had an escort following him in another vehicle. When Diaz-Camacho stopped at a red light near Los Paseos Shopping Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Members of La Rompe ONU were ordered to take the lead and shoot Diaz-Camacho. Members of La Rompe ONU then fired at Diaz-Camacho’s vehicle and killed him. Vigio-Aponte and other members of La Rompe ONU shot and killed Diaz-Camacho’s bodyguards, Soto-Roman and Rosario-Mercado, who were escorting Diaz-Camacho using another vehicle.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Alberto López-Rocafort and Victor O. Acevedo-Hernández were in charge of the prosecution of the case.

Updated July 19, 2016

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