Department of Justice Jobs

Department of Justice Jobs

The vacancies below are announced by the Department of Justice and its components on USAJobs, the Federal Goverment's largest online jobs portal. 

Title Location Application Deadline
Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Supervisor (HVAC Foreman) Thomson, Illinois 2017-12-05
Time and Leave Clerk Thomson, Illinois 2017-11-28
Investigative Analyst, GS-1805-7 Cincinnati, Ohio 2017-11-27
Budget Technician (Office Automation) Baltimore, Maryland 2017-11-27
Assistant United States Attorney Muskogee, Oklahoma 2017-12-01
Telecommunications Specialist Lorton, Virginia 2017-11-24
Administrative Support Assistant Midland, Texas 2017-11-24
Health Technician (Paramedic) Leavenworth, Kansas 2017-12-04
Health Technician (Paramedic) Prince George, Virginia 2017-12-04
Student Trainee (Customer Support Clerk) Washington DC, District of Columbia 2017-11-24
Paralegal Specialist Orlando, Florida 2017-12-01
Assistant United States Attorney Jacksonville, Florida 2017-12-18
Nurse Practitioner (Mid-Level Practitioner) Atwater, California 2017-12-01
Medical Records Technician (Health Information Technician) Atwater, California 2017-11-24
Dental Hygienist Butner Federal Correctional Complex, North Carolina 2017-11-24
IT Specialist (Systems Analysis) Falls Church, Virginia 2017-12-08
Attorney and Assistant United States Attorney Washington DC, District of Columbia 2018-11-15
Dietitian (Clinical Dietitian) Rochester, Minnesota 2017-11-30
Legal Assistant (OA) Chicago, Illinois 2017-11-22
Plumbing Worker Supervisor (Plumbing Worker Foreman) Kings, New York 2017-11-29
Pharmacy Technician Carswell AFB, Texas 2017-11-29
Dental Hygienist Danbury, Connecticut 2017-11-21
Physician (General Practice) Terre Haute, Indiana 2017-11-21
Student Trainee (clerical) Fairview Heights, Illinois 2017-11-24
Assistant United States Attorney Portland, Maine 2017-11-28

See USAJOBS for the complete list of Department of Justice jobs.

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