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Training and Professional Development 

At the Department we understand training and professional development opportunities are important. Learn more about our training and mentoring options.

Training Opportunities

Training opportunities vary by DOJ component, employee’s position, responsibilities, and budget availability. Some of the training is required by Federal regulations and employee’s position/series, other is available for professional development. For more information on specific training requirements and opportunities, please visit the individual component’s webpage.

Mentoring Opportunities

Each year the DOJ announces the Mentoring Program open enrolment. This ten-month program delivers an all-virtual environment including online forums, developmental workshops, and networking opportunities. The Program is open to all DOJ Components. Benefits include: Developing and retaining a cadre of high-performing employees; being a cost-effective and time-efficient resource to professionally develop employees; increasing morale and organizational awareness; and promoting collaboration across Components. For available mentoring opportunity log in the The Mentoring Connection website.

Updated July 2, 2024