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Orientation for Student Employees


Civil Division Student Orientation

Welcome to the Civil Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Below you will find a list of forms that we need you to complete in order to bring you on board. Please complete the appropriate forms and bring them with you to orientation on your first day.

We understand that you may have questions on the forms.  Please email or call the Personnel Management Branch at (202) 307-0261 with any questions.  We will be better able to assist you if you send your questions to us prior to the orientation session. 


Who Should Complete


SF-256, Self-Identification of Disability

All employees


SF-181, Ethnicity and Race Identification

All employees


I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

All employees

Bring two forms of identification to orientation. One must be a picture ID.  Section two will be completed by Personnel during orientation.

Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration

Males born after December 31, 1959  

SF-144, Statement of Prior Federal Service

All employees

All employees should summarize prior government service, even if you check “yes” to question 4.  If you do not have any prior service, write N/A in blocks 5 though 7. 

DOJ-543, Employee Locator Information  

All employees

Do not fill out “Office Address.”

SF-1152, Designation of Beneficiary: Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee

All employees


Notice to New Employees: Withholding for Social Security (FICA) Taxes

Only employees transferring from another federal agency

Leave “Organizational Code” blank.  Please provide a copy of your final earnings statement. 

Transit Subsidy Application

All employees who wish to participate

Application will only be accepted after you attend orientation.  Submission of application prior to orientation is not permitted. 

Transit Subsidy Form

Summer Students only

Application will only be accepted after you attend orientation.  Submission of application prior to orientation is not permitted. 

Employee Contact Information Sheet

All employees

Fax this to the switchboard after you report to your office on your first day and learn the requested information.

Direct Deposit Form

All employees

Prior to orientation, go to your bank and get the representative's signature.  After you get the signature, do not have your financial institution mail this to us as instructed on the form; rather, bring it to orientation.

AD-349, Employee Address for Payroll

All employees

Complete Section I and items 13 & 14.  Do not complete Section II.

W-4, Federal Tax Form

All employees


State Tax Forms:

DC (D-4), Maryland (MW-507), or Virginia (VA-4)

All employees


D-4A, Certificate of Non-Residence in the District of Columbia

Employees who do not reside in the District of Columbia


Temporary Employment Statement

All student temporary employees

OARM-9 Reminder of Government Attorney Ethical Obligations

All employees

Updated January 19, 2022