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FOIA Contact:

Kenneth Hendricks
Chief, FOIA and Privacy Office
Civil Division
Department of Justice
Room 8314
1100 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Phone: (202) 514-2319

Conventional Reading Room:

Contact Kenneth Hendricks (see above)

FOIA Library:

This includes frequently requested records, opinions, policy statements, and staff manuals/instructions to staff, created by the Civil Division after November 1, 1996.

Component Description:

The Civil Division represents the United States, its agencies, and its employees in general civil litigation that is not within the specialized fields of other divisions of the Department. It defends the Federal Government in suits challenging the constitutionality, lawfulness, or propriety of Presidential initiatives, federal statutes, and Government programs and actions. It also initiates litigation to enforce various federal statutes, including The False Claims Act, and the nation's consumer protection and immigration laws. It handles tort claims against the Government, and the defense of federal civilian and military officials sued personally for official actions. The Division retains all record material relating to cases under its jurisdiction. The Civil Division also maintains records relating to the administration of the office.

Special information required to make a FOIA request:


Publicly available information for which a FOIA request is not required:

None. If interested in such information, please contact the office listed above.

Multitrack processing:

Track one is for simple requests. Track two is more standard multi-document requests under the FOIA. Track three is complex requests generally requiring processing which would exceed the 20-day statutory time period.

FOIA Exclusions

FOIA Exemptions

Major Information Systems


FOIA Reference Guide

DOJ’s FOIA Regulations

Updated June 8, 2023