Your First Day

You will report to the Civil Division’s Human Resources Office at 1100 L St NW, Washington, DC 20005.  When you arrive, the security guards will call the Human Resources Staff and a staff member will escort you to orientation.  You will spend most of your first morning at 1100 L St.  During this time, you will:

  • Finish completing and turn in all necessary forms (Note: Benefit and Insurance forms are not required to be completed prior to your arrival).  
    • Make sure you bring two forms of government issued identification (e.g. driver’s license, social security card) or a US passport.  For a complete list of acceptable forms of ID, click here.               
  • Take the Oath of Office
  • Attend DOJ JCON Orientation (an introduction to the DOJ’s computer system)

After orientation, you will go to the RFK Main Justice Building (950 Pennsylvania Ave NW) to receive your Identification Badge and take a picture for your Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card.  You will need the PIV Card to access DOJ Buildings and the DOJ computer network.  After you get your badge, you will report to your office.  The Civil Division is spread across several buildings in Washington, DC (with small field offices in New York and San Francisco).

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Updated July 16, 2018

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