Administrative, Technical, and Paralegal Employment

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These types of positions are listed here:

Administration and Management: Information Technology Specialists, Budget Analysts, Management Analysts, and others contribute to the overall management of the organization.

Paralegal Specialists: Paralegals perform a wide array of tasks including administrative case preparation, cite checking, legal research, drafting memoranda, compiling legislative histories, and ensuring conformance to applicable court rules.

Legal Assistants: Legal Assistants provide assistance to Division attorneys by performing a wide range of administrative legal support tasks on ENRD litigation.

"Over the last five years I have worked as both an honors paralegal and subsequently as an Honor Grad attorney in ENRD's Environmental Enforcement Section. I cannot imagine a better place to work as a legal professional. In just the last year I have had the opportunity to work on cases involving the Gulf Oil Spill, the sewer system of a major US city, emissions from a large Gulf Coast Refinery, and the failure of an interstate oil pipeline. In each case, I was able to help bring about direct benefit to the environment and the affected communities. ENRD is staffed by a group of skilled professionals who truly care about the Agency's mission and who work every day to improve the lives people around the country."

Brandon Robers, Honor Paralegal & Honor Graduate Attorney, Environmental Enforcement Section


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Updated June 16, 2016

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