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The Muskie-Chafee Award

A graphic displaying the Environment and Natural Resources Division seal on the left hand side along with the letters, Graphic by Kadeem Scott, ENRD
Graphic by ENRD

The Muskie-Chafee Award honors current or former federal employees who, through their work and dedication, have made significant contributions toward protecting our environment. Named after two leaders of the modern environmental movement, Senator Edmund S. Muskie and Senator John H. Chafee, the award was first given in 1999, helping to mark the Division’s 90th anniversary.

The Muskie-Chafee Award recognizes that protection of our environment would not be possible without the federal employees who implement these laws. It is their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts that make the laws on the books the reality of the land. Often these individuals work with little recognition. But they do so because they believe strongly that environmental protection is important, not just for this generation, but also for all of those to come.

To learn more about Senator Muskie, Senator Chafee and to see see a list of Muskie-Chafee Award recipients and their accomplishments, see below:


Updated July 31, 2023