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Our Seal

Creation of the ENRD Seal

ENRD Official Seal

On April 5, 2018, Assistant Attorney General for Administration Lee Lofthus formally approved a redesigned official seal for ENRD under Chapter 4, Section 5 of Justice Property Management Order 2400.3A (Dec. 19, 2011). The new seal was developed by ENRD, in coordination with the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) and the Justice Management Division’s (JMD) Facilities and Administrative Services Staff (FASS), and replaces an informal seal designed in 1991 before the 2011 Order went into effect.

The new ENRD seal closely mirrors the Department’s official seal, with the addition of three elements that reflect the distinctive mission and rich history of ENRD.

First, the background of the new seal – a majestic landscape showing Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska – is derived from a photograph taken by former ENRD attorney Nick DiMascio. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the largest area in the United States managed by the National Park Service. The backdrop is intended to convey a sense of respect for the Division’s mission, especially our role in conservation of public lands and natural resources as well as the protection of clean water and clean air. It should also serve as a reminder of our Division’s strong partnerships with other federal agencies, including the Interior Department, with whom we share our mission.

Second, the new seal includes the text “Est. 1909,” which acknowledges our Division’s proud origins in 1909 when, on the heels of the Administration of President Theodore Roosevelt, Attorney General George Wickersham established the “Public Lands Division,” the forerunner of ENRD. More than a century later, ENRD is proud to carry on the unique traditions and vital work of the Division.

Third, the name of the Division is inscribed in the lower half of the outer ring, in a manner consistent with other approved seals for components or bureaus within the Department.

Taken together, these three elements result in a new seal that is a fitting symbol of our Division’s unique mission under law within the broader authority of the Department of Justice.

Updated September 12, 2023