Draft Work Products

NCFS work products were developed by seven NCFS Subcommittees. Initial draft work products were introduced at a NCFS meeting and included a 30-day public comment period that typically coincided with NCFS meetings. Final draft work products were voted upon at a subsequent open NCFS meeting and required a 2/3 majority affirmative vote to be adopted by the NCFS. Using the links below you can find all initial and final draft NCFS work products that were discussed at open NCFS meetings as well as work products adopted by the NCFS. The process for the development of work products and guidance for adjudication of public comments can be found on the operational documents page. Please note there are no further draft work products open for public comment.

Accreditation and Proficiency Testing Subcommittee

Human Factors Subcommittee

Interim Solutions Subcommittee

Medicolegal Death Investigation Subcommittee

Reporting and Testimony Subcommittee

Scientific Inquiry and Research Subcommittee

Training on Science and Law Subcommittee


Submitting or Viewing Written Public Comments 

In accordance with the Federal Records Act, please note that all comments received on matters before the NCFS including draft work products and meeting materials are considered part of the public record, and are available for public inspection at www.regulations.gov and the links below. The comments posted may have included personally identifiable information (such as name, address, etc.) and confidential business information voluntarily submitted by the commenter. 

Instructions for submitting public comments included the following:

If you want to submit personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, etc.) as part of your comment, but do not want it to be made available for public inspection and posted online, you must include the phrase "PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION" in the first paragraph of your comment. You must also place all the personally identifiable information you do not want made available for public inspection or posted online in the first paragraph of your comment and identify what information you want redacted.


If you want to submit confidential business information as part of your comment, but do not want it to be made available for public inspection and posted online, you must include the phrase "CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS INFORMATION" in the first paragraph of your comment. You must also prominently identify confidential business information to be redacted within the comment. If a comment has so much confidential business information that it cannot be effectively redacted, all or part of that comment may not be made available for public inspection or posted online.


Personally identifiable information and confidential business information identified and located as set forth above will be redacted and the comment, in redacted form, will be made available for public inspection and posted on this website.

Comments posted on regulations.gov can be found at the following links:

Meeting 1 (Written Public Comments)



Meeting 2 (Written Public Comments)



Meeting 3 (Written Public Comments)



Meeting 4 (ODAG 151, Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2014-0006)



Meeting 5 (ODAG 152; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2015-0001)



Meeting 6 (ODAG 153; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2015-0004)



Meeting 7 (ODAG 155; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2015-0007)



Meeting 8 (ODAG 156; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2015-0009)



Interim Public Comment Period (ODAG 157; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0001)


Meeting 9 (ODAG 159; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0002)



Meeting 10 (ODAG 162; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0011)



Interim Public Comment Period (ODAG 163; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0016)



Meeting 11 (ODAG 164; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0018)



Meeting 12 (ODAG 166; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2016-0025)



Interim Public Comment Period (ODAG 169; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2017-0004)



Meeting 13 (ODAG 170; Docket ID: DOJ-LA-2017-0005)


Updated May 17, 2017