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Use of Agency Resources to Support Presidential Transition

Date of Issuance:

We adhere to the conclusion in our December 14, 1992 Memorandum that, under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, an executive agency or department may provide office space, secretarial services, and other support services to members of the transition team from agency appropriations without reimbursement from the transition appropriation when the provision of such space and support by the agency, rather than by the transition team itself, would minimize disruption to the agency’s operations caused by the transfer of the leadership of the agency.

Our conclusion in the 1992 Memorandum is not affected by the October 12, 2000 amendment to the Transition Act. Direct support services and office space for those workshops and orientations that the amendment authorizes should be provided by GSA out of the appropriation for the transition, unless their provision by a particular agency would minimize disruption of the agency’s mission or operations.

Updated July 9, 2014