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Historical Biography

Solicitor General: Henry M. Hoyt

Photo of Solicitor General Henry M. Hoyt
Henry M. Hoyt
11th Solicitor General, -

Henry M. Hoyt (Dec.5, 1856 - Nov. 20, 1910) was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA to former Pennsylvania governor General Henry Martyn and Mary. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1878, Hoyt went on to graduate from University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1881. That same year he was admitted to the bar and began practicing in Pittsburgh.

From 1883-1886, he served as assistant cashier of the U.S. National Bank, New York. Hoyt then worked at the Investment Company of Philadelphia from 1886-1893, serving initially as treasurer, and then as president in the latter three years of his employment with the company. He went back to practicing law for the next four years in Philadelphia before serving as assistant attorney general of the United States from 1897-1903. Under President Roosevelt he was appointed Solicitor General, holding the position from 1903-1909. He argued many cases concerning anti-trust legislation. One case in particular he fought and won was a famous contempt case concerning Sheriff Joseph Shipp. When Philander C. Knox was appointed Secretary of State in 1909, he created the position of counsellor for the State Department especially for Hoyt. He held that position until the time of his death in 1910.

Hoyt married Anne McMichael in 1883, having one son and one daughter.

Updated September 18, 2023