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The Tax Division attorneys who litigate cases are able to carry out their jobs only because they have strong administrative support. Each section has its own clerical and support staff, and the Office of Management and Administration (OMA) provides support services for the entire Tax Division in the areas of general administration, budget, human resource management, automated information systems, and management and planning.

The Tax Division employs support staff in many different capacities, on different career ladders that offer career advancement:

  • facilities manager
  • property custodian
  • records manager
  • records clerks
  • budget officer
  • budget analysts
  • finance specialists
  • procurement specialists
  • human resource specialist
  • IT systems engineer
  • IT system administrators
  • IT system programmers
  • IT support specialists
  • legal assistants/secretaries
  • section office managers
  • data management specialists

Tax Division career employees are eligible for federal benefits.


Updated April 8, 2015

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