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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division, which is responsible for enforcing federal criminal laws, comprises three program-based units:  National Security and Major Crimes, Violent Crimes and Narcotics, and Financial Fraud and Public Corruption. William J. Nardini is the Chief of the Criminal Division.

The National Security and Major Crimes Unit is responsible for prosecuting matters involving international and domestic terrorism, civil rights and hate crimes, human trafficking and child exploitation, cybercrime and identity theft,  organized crime, immigration and customs enforcement, government program and defense contractor fraud, and environmental crimes.  Raymond F. Miller is the Chief of the Unit.  Sarala V. Nagala and Jacabed Rodriguez-Coss are the Deputy Chiefs.  The Unit also coordinates the District’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee (ATAC).

The Violent Crimes and Narcotics Unit includes the District’s Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) prosecutions, and violent crime, gangs and narcotics investigations.  S. Dave Vatti is the Chief of the Unit, and AUSAs Robert M. Spector and Patrick F. Caruso are the Deputy Chiefs.  AUSA Spector is the District’s OCDETF Coordinator, which targets major drug trafficking operations responsible for the distribution of large quantities of narcotics by violent drug organizations, and AUSA Caruso serves as PSN Coordinator, overseeing firearms prosecutions that seek to deter the illegal possession of guns and reduce gun and gang violence.

The Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit includes securities, commodities  and investor fraud, public corruption, bank fraud and embezzlement, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, bankruptcy fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.  David E. Novick is the Chief of the Unit, and Michael S. McGarry and Sarah P. Karwan are the Deputy Chiefs.  This Unit includes the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force and the Connecticut Securities Fraud Task Force.

Updated November 23, 2016