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Common Questions And Answers

Who do I talk to about my debt?

Call the United States Attorney's Office at (203) 821-3700.

Where do I send my payment?

Civil debts: Make check payable to "Department of Justice" and send it to the United
States Attorney's Office, Attention: Financial Litigation Unit, 157 Church Street,
25th Floor, New Haven, Connecticut, 06510

Criminal debts: Make check payable to "Clerk, United States District Court" and contact
the Clerk's Office for further mailing instructions.

Bridgeport: (203) 579-5861
Hartford: (860) 240-3200
New Haven: (203) 773-2140

Is interest accruing on my debt?

Yes. All civil debts accrue interest, which is compounded annually. The rate is based upon the Treasury Bill rate on the day the civil judgment is entered by the court.

All criminal debts in the amount of $2,500 or more also accrue interest, commencing 15 days after the date of sentencing. The rate of interest is determined by the Treasury Bill rate on the day of sentencing. Interest accruing on criminal debts is not compounded, however penalties of up to 25% of the debt may be added if the criminal debt is not paid within 90 days of its due date.

Can I pay my debt through installment payments?

The Financial Litigation Unit may consider entering into an installment payment agreement depending upon your financial situation. A Financial Affidavit must be completed and signed by you for review and consideration. Contact the Financial Litigation Unit for a Financial Affidavit if you would like to discuss this option.

Can I pay my debt using a credit card?

All credit card payments must be made through  The United States Attorney’s Office does not accept credit card payments.

Updated June 14, 2021

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