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Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

Each United States Attorney's Office has a Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The LECC is guided by the Law Enforcement Coordinator (LEC). The goal of the LECC is to improve cooperation and coordination among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system. We have accomplished this by developing partnerships and working in cooperation with these partners to ensure our LECC program is a success and that we’re meeting the needs of all law enforcement agencies in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Based upon the regular contact with law enforcement officials, the LEC works closely with the SAC’s / ASAC’s and RAC’s of various federal law enforcement agencies (ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE, Secret Service and the USMS) to sponsor training programs throughout the District for local, state and federal agencies. Examples of training programs provided by LECC include: Mortgage Fraud, Problem Oriented Policing for supervisors, Sovereign Citizens, Immigration Issues, Hate Crimes Summit, Human Trafficking, Suicide Bombings, Counter Currency / Social Security Cards and Driver’s Licenses, Characteristics of an Armed Gunman, Federal and State Firearms Laws, Dignitary Protection and Town Hall Meetings, Asset Forfeiture, Behavioral Recognition Training, Where Do Gun Crimes Come From and Firearms Tracing, Identity Theft, Officer Safety / Street Survival and the Wisconsin Anti-Gang Summit.

During the last three years, our office working in cooperation with federal, state and local
partners has sponsored 90 training programs, which have been attended by approximately 8,500 law enforcement officers.

Steven A. Caballero, Law Enforcement Community Coordinator
US Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Wisconsin

Updated July 12, 2019