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The Appellate Division

The Appellate, Asset Forfeiture and Financial Litigation Division has three Units:  (1) Appellate; (2) Asset Forfeiture; and (3) Financial Litigation. The Division represents the interests of the federal government in appeals from district court, the forfeiture of assets owned by criminals and the collection of debts owed to victims of crime and the federal government.

The Appellate Unit is responsible for the review and/or preparation of the government briefs in the United States Court Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and handles many of the oral arguments of appeals in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Appellate Unit also handles many additional post-conviction matters, including petitions for habeas corpus, before the United States District Court.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit is responsible for the oversight and prosecution of the government’s actions to forfeit money, vehicles, real property and other  property obtained from or used to facilitate criminal conduct.

The Financial Litigation Unit provides support and oversight of all debt collection efforts on behalf of the federal government in South Carolina. The Financial Litigation Unit works to collect criminal fines and restitution and supervises the collection of civil debts owed to the government

Updated January 28, 2015