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Press Release

First Annual Community Partners Awards

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, District of South Carolina

Contact Person: Joe Brewer (864) 282-2121

Columbia, South Carolina------ The United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) for the District of South Carolina works with numerous state, federal, not-for-profit, and private entities on crime prevention and reentry. These groups and agencies are using their expertise and energy to eradicate crime before it happens.

To coincide with National Reentry Week, the USAO announces its First Annual Community Partner Awards for excellence in crime prevention and reentry work. “Reentry” is the coordinated process by which previously incarcerated citizens return to their communities and families in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and least likely to result in further engagement with the justice system. The following individuals have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to programs designed to meet the 21st Century demands of post-incarceration law-abiding citizenship. Contribution include, but are not limited to, reentry job fairs and expos, civil rights forums, job placement, education, reentry and drug court, and personal identification:

Diana Goldwire - SC Works
Corrine Davis - SC Works
Johnny-Lynn Crosby - SC Works
Steve Hand - Greenville Tech
Caroline Caldwell-Richmond - New Mind Health and Care, Inc.
Bobby Hager - Bureau of Prisons - FCI Williamsburg
Edith Grice-Peay - Bureau of Prisons - FCI Edgefield
Richard Boone - SC Department of Motor Vehicles
Peggy Fouty - SC Department of Motor Vehicles
Jodi Gallman - SC Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon
Jim Batson - SC Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon
Ginny Barr - SC Department of Corrections
Rosie Banks - Greater Employment Advocacy Association
Greg Russ - U.S. Probation Office
Katrina Robinson Curtis - U.S. Probation Office
Amy Barch - Turning Leaf
Jerry Blassingame - Soteria
Beth Templeton - Our Eyes Were Opened

These individuals demonstrated exceptional contributions above and beyond the call of duty and are emblematic of the many dedicated public and private servants in this state with whom this office has the honor to work towards safer communities. Crime prevention and reentry are interdisciplinary problems and can only be resolved through the cooperation of all relevant stakeholders, including members of the community.

U.S. Attorney Drake noted, “Crime prevention is smart policing. When engineers and architects are designing and building auditoriums, they consider how to eliminate foreseeable problems on the front end and design structures around those challenges. 21st Century law enforcement can and is doing the same thing. Data confirms that when one of our citizens is released from a term in jail, whether that sentence derives from a DUI, drugs or a violent crime, the initial challenges of rejoining our communities pose real challenges that can undermine a law abiding life. Addressing the seemingly ordinary challenges like obtaining a license, which is a pathway to a job, can be insurmountable without support from a Probation Officer and the Department of Motor Vehicles. These awards recognize innovative, collaborative work by both government agencies and non-government agencies to address the obstacles that can impede the path to a law-abiding life. Those who received the awards have worked on issues including drivers’ licenses, jobs, drug treatment, education, medical treatment/counseling, housing and more. Many thanks to our award winners and to our partners who have joined together to forge a more perfect union.”


Updated April 27, 2017