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Project Sentry Contest Winners

Contest Rules


Mason Cardona, Winner K-2nd Grade


Kyngstn Turner, Honorable Mention K-2nd Grade


Layla McMillan, Overall Winner 3rd-5th Grade


Brianna Lanier, Honorable Mention 3rd-5th Grade


Zedrik Curabo, Honorable Mention 3rd-5th Grade


Vanessa Gordon, Honorable Mention 6th-8th Grade


Christon Simons, Honorable Mention 6th-8th Grade


Jasmine Lucas, Winner 9th-12th Grade


Laila Saddler, Winner 9th-12th Grade


Alexis Cormier, Honorable Mention 9th-12th Grade


Alaina Barfield, Honorable Mention 9th-12th Grade



2021 OVERALL WINNER / Winner 9th-12th grade Division


2021 Winner 6th-8th grade Division


2021 Winner 3rd-5th grade Division



Winner K-2nd grade Division



2020 OVERALL WINNER / Winner K-2nd grade Division





2020 Winner 3rd -5th grade Division




2020 Winner 6th -8th grade Division




2020 Winner 9th -12th grade Division




 Division 4 – Grades 9-12 -- Winner & OVERALL WINNER:                 Eileen Liu, Chesterfield High School, Chesterfield, SC



9th-12th Grade Division Winner
Overall Winner

Eileen Liu

Chesterfield High School

Chesterfield, SC



Alexia Hernandez Overall Winner




6th-8th Grade Division Winner
Overall Winner

Alexia Hernandez

Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science

Winnsboro, SC

Logo by Kyler Fleeman



6th-8th Grade Division Winner
Overall Winner

Kyler Fleeman

West Oak Middle School

Westminster, SC

Elias Ryans 6th-8th and Overall Winner


6th-8th Grade Division Winner
Overall Winner

Elias Ryans

Westview Middle School

Greenwood, SC

Josiah Agnew 6th-8th Overall and Winner 2015



6-8 Grade Winner
Overall Winner

Josiah Agnew

Macedonia Middle School

Macedonia, SC

Marcus Epps' Winning Logo for 2014


Overall Winner

Marcus Epps

Cane Bay High School

Summerville, SC

Karla Moore's Winning Logo from 2013


9-12 Grade Winner
Overall Winner

Karla Moore

Strom Thurmond
High School

Johnston, SC

Axsel Brown's Winning Logo from 2012


Overall Winner

Axsel Brown

Waccamaw High School

Pawley's Island, SC

Brandon Johnson's Winning Logo from 2011


Overall Winner

Brandon Johnson

Middle School

Campobello, SC

Hudson Noteboom's Winning Logo from 2010


Overall Winner

Hudson Noteboom

Saluda Middle School

Saluda, SC

Ariel Benton's Winning Logo from 2009


Overall Winner

Ariel Benton

Oakbrook Middle School

Ladson, SC

Ra'Shaun Page's Winning Logo from 2008


Overall Winner

Ra'Shaun Page

Conway Middle School

Conway, SC

Laura Jeroszko's Winning Logo from 2007


Overall Winner

Laura Jeroszko

Hillcrest High School

Simpsonville, SC

Kimberly White's winning logo from 2006


Overall Winner

Kimberly White

Scott's Branch High School

Summerton, SC

Jarrell Pratt's winning logo from 2005


Overall Winner

Jarrell Pratt

St. John's High School

John's Island, SC

Frederick Withers' Winning Logo from 2004


Overall Winner

Frederick Withers

Strom Thurmond High School

Johnston, SC

Updated April 27, 2022