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State Election Resources

The Justice Department has created and compiled the following resources for states and voters.

Guidance to States on Election Integrity & Protecting Election Records & Voters

The Justice Department has issued guidance documents to ensure states fully comply with federal laws regarding elections, specifically federal statutes affecting methods of voting and federal constraints related to post-election “audits.”

Guidance Concerning Federal Statutes Affecting Methods of Voting

This document provides guidance regarding federal statutes the Department enforces related to voting by mail, absentee voting, and voting in person.
Published July 28, 2021

Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election Audits

This document provides information on the requirements federal law imposes on state and local governments and election officials to preserve and retain election records and the criminal penalties associated with the willful failure to comply with those requirements. This guidance document also details the statutes that prohibit the intimidation of voters and the department’s commitment to act if any person engages in actions that violate the law.
Published July 28, 2021

Guidance Under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, 52 U.S.C. 10301, for Redistricting and Methods of Electing Government Bodies

This document discusses how the department will conduct its review of these redistricting plans and methods of electing governmental bodies to evaluate compliance with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The guidance document also describes how the department applies well-established case law while investigating and bringing enforcement actions under Section 2.
Published September 1, 2021

State Resources for Voters

Find election resources in your state.

Alabama: Alabama Secretary of State

Alaska: Alaska Division of Elections

Arizona: Arizona Secretary of State

Arkansas: Arkansas Secretary of State

California: California Secretary of State

Colorado: Colorado Secretary of State

Connecticut: Connecticut Secretary of State

Delaware: Delaware Department of Elections

District of Columbia: District of Columbia Board of Elections

Florida: Florida Department of State

Georgia: Georgia Secretary of State

Guam: Guam Election Commission

Hawaii: Hawaii Office of Elections

Idaho: Idaho Secretary of State

Illinois: Illinois State Board of Elections

Indiana: Indiana Secretary of State

Iowa: Iowa Secretary of State

Kansas: Kansas Secretary of State

Kentucky: Kentucky State Board of Elections

Louisiana: Louisiana Secretary of State

Maine: Maine Secretary of State

Maryland: Maryland State Board of Elections

Massachusetts: Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Michigan: Michigan Secretary of State

Minnesota: Minnesota Secretary of State

Mississippi: Mississippi Secretary of State

Missouri: Missouri Secretary of State

Montana: Montana Secretary of State

Nebraska: Nebraska Elections Division

Nevada: Nevada Secretary of State

New Hampshire: New Hampshire Secretary of State

New Jersey: New Jersey Division of Elections

New Mexico: New Mexico Secretary of State

New York: New York State Board of Elections

North Carolina: North Carolina State Board of Elections

North Dakota: North Dakota Secretary of State

Northern Mariana Islands: Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Election Commission

Ohio: Ohio Secretary of State

Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Election Board

Oregon: Oregon Secretary of State

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Department of State

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Comisión Estatal de Elecciones

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Secretary of State

South Carolina: South Carolina Election Commission

South Dakota: South Dakota Secretary of State

Tennessee: Tennessee Secretary of State

Texas: Texas Secretary of State

U.S. Virgin Islands: Election System of the Virgin Islands

Utah: Utah Voter Resources

Vermont: Vermont Secretary of State

Virginia: Virginia Department of Elections

Washington: Washington Secretary of State

West Virginia: West Virginia Secretary of State

Wisconsin: Wisconsin Elections Commission

Wyoming: Wyoming Secretary of State

Updated October 20, 2022