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Community Relations Service Publications Archive

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CRS Annual Reports

Annual Reports (PDF)
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Flyers, Brochures, Tip Sheets, etc.

Avoiding Racial Conflict: A Guide for Municipalities (1991) HTML | PDF

Community Dialogue Guide (September 2003) HTML | PDF

Conflict Resolution Assistance in Indian Country (2003) HTML | PDF

CRS Mediation of Community Racial Disputes and Conflicts (2003) HTML | PDF

CRS Programs For Managing School Multicultural Conflict (2003) HTML | PDF

CRS Fact Sheet (November 2001) HTML | PDF

CRS Bulletin - Hate Crime: The Violence of Intolerance(December 2001) HTML | PDF

Distant Early Warning Signs (DEWS) System (November 2001) HTML | PDF

Guidelines for Effective Human Relations Commissions (September 1998) HMLT | PDF

Hate Crime Training: Core Curriculum for Patrol Officers, Detectives & Command Officers, (October 1998) (PDF)

Managing Major Public Events (November 2000) HTML | PDF

Planning for Safe Marches and Demonstrations (1998) HTML |PDF

Police and Urban Youth Relations: An Antidote to Racial Violence (1995) HTML | PDF

Police Use of Force (September 2003) HTML | PDF

Police Use of Excessive Force: A Conciliation Handbook for the Police and the Community (June 1999) HTML | PDF

Preventing Youth Hate Crime (1998) HTML | PDF

Principles of Good Policing: Avoiding Violence Between Police and Citizens (September 2003) HTML |PDF

Responding to Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Incidents on College/University Campuses (September 2003) HTML | PDF

Responding to Incidents Involving Allegations of Excessive Use of Force: A Checklist to Guide Police Executives (September 2003) HTML | PDF

So... You're a Demonstration Marshal (1998) HTML | PDF

School Disruptions: Tips for Educators and Police (September 1998) HTML | PDF

Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) (2003) HTML | PDF

Twenty Plus Things Law Enforcement Agencies Can Do to Prevent or Respond to Hate Incidents Against Arab-Americans, Muslims, and Sikhs (November 2001) HTML | PDF

Twenty Plus Things Schools Can Do to Respond to or Prevent Hate Incidents Against Arab-Americans, Muslims, and Sikhs (November 2001) HTML | PDF

Highlight Articles

CRS Collaborates on Creation of DOJ Hate Crimes Website

Faith-Based Community Safety and Security Symposium

Southern California Network of Law Enforcement Community

Historical Articles

CRS Remembers Former Directors Roger Wilkins and Ben Holman as Part of Black History Month

CRS Observes African American History Month

Honoring the Life, Legacy and Leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Translated Documents

CRS Services in Several Asian Languages HTML | PDF

CRS Services in Spanish HTML | PDF

CRS Services in Arabic HTML | PDF

CRS LEP Hoja Informativa versión final


Improving Cultural Competence - Building Relationships with Arab and American Muslims (2015)

On Common Ground Episode 2 - Strengthening Relations with Arab American Cummunities (2015)

On Common Ground Episode 3 - Community and Law Enforcement Engagement (2015) 


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