Government Agencies

Government Agencies

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Government Agencies

CRS works with federal, state, and local government agencies to help address and prevent community conflicts, tensions, and hate crimes. This work is often in collaboration with community organizations, law enforcement, faith-based institutions, and other stakeholder groups. Some ways CRS supports government agencies are:

  • Facilitating training programs, town hall meetings, and dialogues with community members and government officials to address community concerns and sources of conflict, and facilitate collaborative problem-solving
  • Providing technical assistance to develop and maintain Human Relations Commissions and other sustainable mechanisms to ensure productive and open communication between all levels of government and community members
  • Facilitating discussions and resolving tension and conflicts associated with allegations of inequitable access to resources, strained police-community relations, and conflict surrounding changing demographics
  • Providing event marshal and contingency planning training to assist government officials, law enforcement, and demonstration organizers in planning, managing, and coordinating safe marches and protests

Below are some recent examples of CRS's work with government agencies. Additional case summaries may be found within CRS’s Annual Reports, located on the CRS Resource Center webpage.

Case Highlights

Resources for You

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Facilitator Guides

These guides provide community leaders and local planning groups with step-by-step instructions for planning and implementing the Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes Forum, Protecting Places of Worship Forum, and the Dialogue on Race Program.

Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes Forum Facilitator Guide for Community Leaders  (PDF)

Protecting Places of Worship Forum Facilitator Guide for Community Leaders  (PDF)

Dialogue on Race Program Guide (PDF)

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