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CRM 2000 - 2500

2126. Jury Instruction -- 18 U.S.C. 1956 (a)(2)(B)(i)

On or about _______________, in the District of _________, defendant(s), __________________, did knowingly [transport] [transmit] [transfer][FN1] and attempt to [transport], [transmit], [transfer] [monetary instruments] [funds] that is (describe monetary instruments or funds), from a place [in] [outside] the United States, that is _____________, [to] [through] a place [outside] [in] the United States that is ___________, knowing that the [monetary instruments] [funds] involved in the transportation represented the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity and knowing that such transportation was designed in whole or in part to conceal and disguise the [nature] [location] [source] [ownership] [control] of the proceeds of specified unlawful activity, to wit: _______________________.

  1. FN1. Note "transmit" and "transfer" may only be alleged for offenses occurring after November 18, 1988.

In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1956(a)(2)((B)(i) and 2.