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ATJ’s mission is to make real the promise of equal justice for all. ATJ aims to achieve this core mission by promoting access to judicial systems through legal assistance and counsel; pursuing data-driven, stakeholder-informed and innovative approaches to judicial process; and by promoting accountability and reform of legal systems with the goal of creating a more holistic and equitable approach to justice. The three strategic pillars of ATJ are to: 1) promote justice system accessibility; 2) accelerate justice system innovation; and 3) safeguard justice system integrity. ATJ seeks highly qualified attorneys, professional non-attorney policy and program staff, support staff, and administrative professionals to join this growing office, to enhance and expand ATJ core activities and to broaden the scope of programs and activities that improve equal justice outcomes. For more information on ATJ’s career opportunities and vacancy announcements, please visit each of the pages below.

Applicants with Disabilities

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has a dynamic and diverse workforce and is firmly committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal opportunity to be hired and advanced on the basis of merit. The Department strives to eliminate barriers and to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities to contribute to and thrive at Justice. To that end, Justice welcomes and encourages qualified individuals with disabilities, including individuals with targeted disabilities, to apply for employment.

The Office for Access to Justice is dedicated to fulfilling the Department of Justice’s mission to attract, develop, retain, and accommodate talented individuals with disabilities.

If you are interested in joining the Office for Access to Justice and meet the eligibility requirements for persons with targeted disabilities under 5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u), commonly referred to as Schedule A, you may apply to an advertised position, or you may also submit your resume and proof of disability documentation to

Attorney Positions

The Office for Access to Justice utilizes a variety of hiring paths for attorney positions including Direct Hire, veteran hiring, Schedule A disability hiring. Hiring for all Department of Justice attorneys is coordinated through the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM). To learn more about working as an attorney with the Department, please visit OARM's webpage.

For the Department of Justice’s official attorney vacancies listing, please visit OARM’s Attorney Vacancies page. We encourage applicants interested in joining ATJ in to regularly check the Department of Justice’s Legal Careers page for vacancy announcements.

Current Vacancies

Position: Attorney Advisor, General Counsel
Open Period: 01/16/2024 through 01/21/2024
Announcement Link: Attorney Advisor, General Counsel
The Attorney Advisor, General Counsel will apply their knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide policy and legal analysis and advice to the Director, Deputy Directors, Management officials, and ATJ staff on significant, complex, legal and ethics matters. The incumbent will apply a wide range of varied and complex legal knowledge, expertise, and judgment involving ATJ programs, policies, and operations, including but not limited to, ethics, professional responsibility, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act, personnel law and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), contracting and procurement, and federal prize competition regulation. The Attorney Advisor, General Counsel will work with a broad range of access to justice stakeholders and develop collaborative relationships and partnerships with Department components, other federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and state, local, tribal, territorial, and international stakeholders in support of ATJ’s legal interests and equities.

Professional Non-Attorney Positions

The Office for Access to Justice utilizes a variety of hiring paths for professional, non-attorney staff positions including Direct Hire, veteran hiring, Schedule A disability hiring, and student employment, in addition to posting vacancies on USAJobs, which is the Federal Government’s official job website.

We encourage applicants interested in joining ATJ to regularly check USAJobs for vacancy announcements.

Opportunities for Students

We encourage students interested in joining ATJ in to regularly check this page for announcements.

Additional opportunities for students

Updated January 16, 2024