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United States v. Thomas Ressler

United States v. Thomas Ressler

6:18-CR-0004-SEH (D. Mont.)

Thomas Ressler has been charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud for his role in a large-scale mail fraud scam. According to charges, Ressler created fraudulent solicitation letters that his co-conspirators sent to victims throughout the United States and numerous other countries.  The letters falsely notified victims they had won a large amount of money or other valuable prize and directed the victims to send money for processing and delivery fees.  The letters purported to be from official-sounding yet fictitious entities including Cash Payout Disbursement Advisors, Progressive Winners Guarantors, and Vehicle Transport Company.  Many of the letters included the name and signature of a fictitious officer or representative of the fictitious entity.
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Scheduled Court Hearing

Sentencing Hearing – June 12, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

                                        U.S. District Court

                                          901 Front Street

                                          Helena, MT 59626


Court Documents

2/2/18 –  

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If you are a victim of the offense being charged in this case, you may contact the Victim-Witness Coordinator in the District of Montana to help you exercise your rights. 


For information or assistance, please contact:

Megan Williams

Victim Witness Assistant

U.S. Attorney’s Office

105 East Pine, 2nd Floor

Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 829-3334




Ressler created solicitation letters from a large number of fictitious entities. 
The following list contains many of the fictitious entities and/or the payee names to which the victims were directed to send payments:

AA International Equity Fulfillment (IEF)
AAD International Incentive Partners
Account Calculation Internal Solution (ACS) Issuance Collateral Account (LRD)
Allenvail & Crane (A&C) ITD Offices (ITD)
AM Main Office (AMO) LAC
AMA LC Crumbe Co
AMA Lotta Cash (LCO)
APC Office (APC) Luciens and Ledmunds Merchantry Propriertors (LLM)
APC Winners Processing Form (APC) MCP
Arc and Clegane Accounts (ACA) Merchandise Logistics Solutions (MLS)
ASO Merchandise Shipping Authority (MSA)
Asset Information Network (AIN) MNO Main Office (MNO)
Asset Management Advisor My Priize Office (MPO)
ATD Offices (ATD) NCI
Award Check Win Form New Monies Verifier (NMV Office)
Award Payment Division (APD) NVO Office (NVO)
Award Trustees Officiation Manor (ATO) OAN
Awards Monies Level (AMI) Office Processing Records (OPR)
CA Bureau (CAB) OTO
Cash & Award Disbursement Advisors (CADA) Parcel Control Center (PCC)
Cash Claim or Entitlement (CCE) PAU Processing (PAU)
Cash Issuance Service (CIS) PCI
Cash Payout Disbursement Advisors (CPDA) PNSF
CCC Main Offices (CCC) Portage Transportation Center (PTC)
CDF Office (CDF) Power Sweeps Entry (PSE)
CFP Office (CFP) PQC
CNS Pre-Delivery Notification (PDN)
Corporate Accounting Group (CAG) Premier G&H Company (PGH)
CRL Premier G&H Company (PGH)
DAA Premium Award Forwarders (PAF)
DBF Office (DBF) Property Entitlement Advisors (PEA)
DDS Office (DDS) PTO
Debenture for Render (DFR) PUN
DIF Office (DIF) Q&A
DIO R&G Allocation Consult (RGA)
Direct Entry Notification (DEN) RCO Office
Direct Transit Center (DTC) RDFN
Dist Specialties Group (DSG) RDI
Distribution Specialties Group (DSG) Rev Services Group (RSG)
DM Office (DM) Revenue Services Office (RSO)
DNF RMO Office (RMO)
ECS Entrant Services (ECS) Roesch Schelling and Laureane (RSL)
Entrant Processing Office (EPO) RTA Agents (RTA)
File Evaluation Office (FEO) Stated Holdings Form (SHF)
Final Issuance Notification (FIN) Synergy Resources International  (SRI)
Financial Delivery Systems (FDS) TCA
FRS TCA Management Group (TCA)
FTO Office (FTO) TCG
FVC Main Office TCO
FVC Main Office (FVC) Tractus De Offices (DDS)
Global Transfer (GTO) UDD
GTL Universal Premiums Ltd.
Guaranty Consol Transfer (GCT) Vehicle Transport Company (VTC)
Hall of Awards (HOA) Vehicle Transport Company (VTC)
Hollywood Cash Millionaire (HCM) VNA
INO Offices (INO) Winners Luck World (DBF)
Intela Consign Agency (ICA) Worth Grand & Masters (WGM)


Under the “Justice for All Act of 2004,” codified at 18 U.S.C. §3771, a crime victim has specified rights. More information regarding such rights can be found at 18 U.S.C. §3771.

For further information, please see the Justice for All Act (2004) Case Notifications.


Case Name
United States v. Thomas Ressler
Case Violation(s)
  • Mail Fraud
Industry Code(s)
  • None
Updated August 2, 2018