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Be Alert: Fictitious Names

Prevent Mass Mail Fraud brought by Consumer Protection Branch

Below we provide a list of some fictitious names related to mass mailing campaigns. There may be others.

Visit Consumer Protection Branch's Prevent Mass Mailing Fraud site for more information.


Fictitious Names Related to Mass Mailing Campaigns

A.P.M.E. c/o M.V.E.U.

A.D.P. Offices/A.D.P. Receiver Services

Angele and Angelina

Angelique de Success

Baroness de Rothman

Bio Sana

Buchmuller & Co.

Carmen Dumas

Christine de Paris

Connor & Smith Transfer Agency

Dr. Barkley

Dr. Gary Henderson

Dr. Grant

Dr. Kramer

Entry Report Control Ctr./ E.R.C.C.

EWC (European Winners Club)

Fatima Research Center
Finkelstein and Partner

FTI (Funds Transfer Institute)

Harrison Institute

House of Health


International Data Reporting Center

Madame Soleil

Magister Davids
Maitre Jean Paul Ritter

Maitre Norbu

Maitre Pascal

Marie de Fortune

Maria Winter

Michael M

Michelle Devon


Nation Report Center

PB Top News / PB Versand

Perfect Health

Professional Promotion

RDD Offices

Report Data Confirmation Offices/ R.D.O.

Sophros I

Stella Angelstone

Sweepstakes Reporting Affiliates

Winner Club

Wynfel Advisory Services

Disclaimer: Fictitious names listed on this page should be considered alleged associations pending outcomes of pending or ongoing court litigation.

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Updated March 10, 2023