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Civil Division Student Opportunities

Law Student Volunteer Internships

Law students are eligible to apply for volunteer internships with the Department any time after December 1st of their first year of law school. These volunteer internships are available only to law students who are attending law school and to graduate law students who are both enrolled at least half time and not practicing law. Each Civil Division office independently administers its legal internship program. Law students should apply directly to offices participating in the program, providing the information requested by the office. For more information about the volunteer internship program, please visit OARM. For information about current law volunteer internship opportunities, click here: Opportunities for Law Students

Compensated Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP)

SLIP is a competitive, paid DOJ program selection for which is based on many aspects of a candidate’s background. These aspects include academic achievement, participation in law review or moot court, and clinical or legal aid experience. In addition to a student’s law school achievement and experience, the Department considers specialized academic studies, work experience, and extracurricular activities related to the Department’s mission. For more information about SLIP, or to apply for a summer position, please visit OARM’s SLIP webpage.

Non-Law Student Opportunities

The Civil Division is proud to be a strong participant in DOJ student programs. Students can participate in programs that provide invaluable job experience in a real-world work environment. Students of many education levels can participate: vocational/technical school, college (two- and four-year programs), and graduate students. Some student opportunities can lead to permanent employment with the DOJ.

Paid Student Employment Programs

Currently enrolled students may be employed under the DOJ Pathways Internship Program. Interns working under the program can work up to 40 hours per week and earn paid sick leave. Those whose appointments are longer than 90 days earn paid annual leave.

To be eligible under the Pathways Program, you must be a student currently enrolled in an accredited college (including 4 year college/universities and community colleges); professional, technical, vocational, and trade schools; advanced degree programs; or other qualifying educational institutions pursuing a qualifying degree. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA with no grade lower than a C and be enrolled at least half-time.

For more information about the Pathways Program, or to view vacancies when available, please visit: DOJ Pathways Program or the OPM Pathways Program web site.

Volunteer Internships

The Department of Justice offers unpaid, academic program-related work experience to vocational/technical school, college (two- and four-year programs), and graduate students. These volunteer internships afford interns the opportunity to develop professionally and to explore career goals.

Updated April 7, 2023