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CRS Resources and Trainings for Safe Public Events this Summer

A crowd of protesters taking part in a sit-in in a park.
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Summer is a busy time for public gatherings of all kinds. If you are planning a public event, CRS has resources to help keep those events peaceful and safe.

CRS’s Reducing Risk During Public Events: Contingency Planning training, available both in person and virtually, helps stakeholders identify and mitigate risks to public safety prior to the start of a public event.

In addition, event marshals can play an important role in keeping events peaceful and organized. CRS offers an in-person or virtual training, Event Marshals: Maintaining Public Safety During Events, to help volunteers learn the responsibilities of an event marshal and best practices for the role.

Finally, check out CRS’s easy to use contingency planning checklist and event marshals guide.

Training Brochures and Resources


Event Marshals: Maintaining Safety During Public Events (PDF)

Reducing Risk During Public Events: Contingency Planning (PDF)

Event Marshals Tipsheet (PDF)

Contingency Planning Checklist (PDF)

Updated April 11, 2023