A man in a wheelchair is among other protestors and has a sign in his lap which says, “Accessibility is our human right.”

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CRS works with communities responding to tension and conflict based on disability. CRS works with law enforcement, local and state officials, community groups, civil rights organizations, disability rights organizations, educational institutions, and others to reach a common understanding of the issues surrounding conflicts, including those on the basis of disability, and create sustained methods for preventing and resolving future conflicts. CRS assists communities experiencing disability-based conflict or tension by:

  • Facilitating dialogues with administrators, teachers, and students at schools and universities to address issues impacting students with disabilities, such as bullying and harassment
  • Convening meetings between law enforcement, city officials, and disability advocacy organizations to address tensions following alleged hate crimes and bias incidents on the basis of disability

Below are some recent examples of CRS's work assisting communities experiencing disability-based tension and conflict. Additional case summaries may be found within CRS’s Annual Reports, located on the CRS Resource Center webpage.

Case Highlights

Updated December 20, 2022

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