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J & R Associates (D. Mass.)


On July 6, 2017, the United States entered into a settlement agreement with J & R Associates, the owner and operator of the Royal Park Apartments, a 224-unit multi-family housing complex in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The settlement resolves allegations that J & R Associates discriminated against tenants of South Asian descent in violation of the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of race and national origin. Under the terms of the agreement, J & R Associates will establish a $70,000 settlement fund to compensate victims of the discriminatory practices. J & R Associates also has agreed to train any new employees and to comply with the Fair Housing Act going forward. In a related matter resolved in 2015, J & R Associates agreed to make changes to its rental practices to resolve allegations that it had been steering families with children to certain buildings and units in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

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J & R Associates (D. Mass.)
Civil Rights
  • settlement agreement
  • J & R Associates
  • United States
  • department of justice
  • discrimination
  • Fair Housing Act
  • FHA
  • race
  • national origin
  • South Asian
  • pattern or practice
  • Massachusetts
  • Royal Park Apartments
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Updated September 6, 2022