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United States v. Gentle Manor Estates, LLC (N.D. Ind.)


On May 18, 2016, the court entered a consent order in United States v. Gentle Manor Estates, LLC (N.D. Ind.).  The Fair Housing Act complaint, which was filed on May 18, 2015, alleges that the defendants maintained a discriminatory policy of refusing to rent mobile home lots to families with children in a 170 unit mobile home park in Crown Point, Indiana.  The allegations are based on evidence generated by the Department's Fair Housing Testing Program.  The consent order requires the defendants to pay $100,000 in monetary relief to aggrieved individuals and a $30,000 civil penalty.

Case Open Date
Case Name
United States v. Gentle Manor Estates (N.D. Ind.)
  • cv-00199-JVB-JEM
  • John Townsend
  • GMC
  • familial status
  • Fair Housing Act
  • FHA
  • children
  • mobile park
  • crown point
  • indiana
  • Fair Housing Testing Program
  • FHTP
  • families
  • american dream
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Updated August 5, 2016