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Combating Post-9/11 Discriminatory Backlash

About the Initiative – description of the formation and responsibilities of the Initiative.

How to File a Complaint – provides information about illegal discrimination and how to file a complaint with the Civil Rights Division and several other federal, state, and local entities.

Update on Civil Rights Division Activities – Provides an overview of recent Civil Rights Division activities regarding discriminatory backlash. Read the report on the Civil Rights Division’s Post-9/11 Civil Rights Summit.

Your Rights and What You Can Do to Prevent or Respond to Discrimination – links to information from several federal agencies that detail your rights to be free from discrimination and methods you can use to prevent and respond to incidents of discrimination.

Other Post-9/11 Information and Homeland Security Information – links to information relating to homeland security, airport screening, watch list clearance procedures, immigration legal resources, and terrorism sanctions.

Brochure – links to the Civil Rights Division brochure "Federal Protections Against National Origin Discrimination" which provides more information about the laws the Division enforces. (Protecciones Federales Contra la Discriminación por Origen Nacional) The brochure is available in several languages:

Arabic PDF version
Cambodian PDF version
Chinese PDF version
Farsi PDF version (4.7 MB file)
French PDF version
Haitian Creole PDF version
Hmong PDF version (3.1 MB file)
Hindi PDF version (2.1 MB file)
Korean PDF version
Laotian PDF version
(PDF version)
Punjabi PDF version
Russian PDF version
Tagalog PDF version
Urdu PDF version
Vietnamese PDF version

Sikh  and  Muslim  Head Coverings – links to the Civil Rights Division's "Common Sikh American Head Coverings" and "Common Muslim American Head Coverings" posters, which describe and give examples of religious headwear worn by these groups.

Updated August 6, 2015