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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                                                                               



GAIL GRAHAM                                                                                PLAINTIFF- INTERVENOR

VS.                                                                                           CIVIL ACTION NO. 3:99-CV-556BN

L.T.   JACKSON, L.T.   JACKSON TRUST                                                             DEFENDANTS


On March 28, 2002, a jury composed of Melissa Thompson, Foreperson, and six other jurors returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the United States and Gail Graham against L.T.  Jackson and L.T.  Jackson Trust for discriminating on the basis of sex in violation of the Fair Housing Act, 42 U.S.C. § 3601, et seq.

Specifically as to claims brought by the United States, the jury found that L.T.  Jackson and L.T.  Jackson Trust violated the Fair Housing Act by engaging in a pattern or practice of sex discrimination in the following four ways:   (1) sexually harassing female tenants by creating a hostile housing environment;    (2) sexually harassing female tenants by engaging in quid pro quo sexual harassment;    (3) engaging in disparate treatment of female tenants; and   (4) coercing, threatening, interfering or retaliating against female tenants in their exercise of their legal rights protected by the Fair Housing Act. The jury found in favor of Gail Graham against L.T.  Jackson and L.T.   Jackson trust on all claims listed above except Claim #3. The jury returned a unanimous verdict for punitive damages against Defendant.

Based on the jury's unanimous verdict against L.T.  Jackson and L.T. Jackson Trust, final judgment in this matter is hereby entered against L.T.  Jackson and L.T.  Jackson Trust, jointly and severally, in favor of the United States, for the benefit of each individual listed below, and in favor of Gail Graham, individually, in the following amounts, plus interest to each at the rate of 2.70% from March 28, 2002, until paid:

Frances Bester $23,000.00
Katie Collins $27,500.00
Vicky Esco $751.00
Alicia Tucker Ford $22,501.00
Tarish Graham $27,500.00
Sonja Gray $27,500.00
Shirley Guice $27,500.00
Quindell Kelly $27,500.00
Betty Neal $23,500.00
Barbara Payne-Jones $24,500.00
Sequina Rice $ 2,500.00
Trena Robinson $ 751.00
Virginia Rogers $27,500.00
Elizabeth Short Gordon $23,500.00
Juliette Short $22,501.00
Sharon Tarrio $22,501.00
Geraldine Terrell $22,501.00
LaTakeisha Thornton $23,500.00
Bridgite Union $27,500.00
Sharon Winters $22,700.00
Darise Young $ 1,501.00
Gail Graham $22,501.00

Based on the June 10, 2002, Opinion and Order of this Court, the following injunction is issued:

(1) Defendants shall not participate in the management of any residential rental properties subject to the Fair Housing Act, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 3601, et seq., which is currently owned, or acquired in the future, in whole or in part by them.

(2) Defendants shall obtain an independent management firm within sixty (60) days and utilize same to run their landlord-tenant businesses, including present properties and any properties acquired in the future. The independent management firm shall have exclusive management authority concerning the showing of rental units to prospective tenants, accepting applications for prospective tenants (or otherwise having face-to-face contact with potential tenants during the application process), inspections (except as otherwise provided) , the collection of rent, evictions, rentals (except rental increases), repairs, maintenance, and violations of tenant lease obligations.

(3) The independent management company above shall not be owned by, employ, or utilize any individual or company which is related to L.T.   Jackson by blood or by marriage.

(4) The independent management company above shall be the entity that maintains any and all contact with tenants, and prospective tenants, including but not limited to showing apartments, executing leases, applications and other housing documents, collecting rent, taking repair requests, or making repairs.

(5) Defendant L.T.  Jackson is not prohibited from visiting any rental property he owns for a purpose other than engaging in management activities, however, L.T.  Jackson shall not initiate contact with any female tenants during such visits. Upon notice from the independent management firm that a rental unit is unoccupied, vacant and not under lease, L.T.  Jackson shall be allowed to visit these rental units for the purpose of inspection. Under these circumstances, L.T.  Jackson shall not initiate any form of verbal or other contact with female tenants of other rental units.

(6) Defendants will not take any retaliatory action against any Plaintiff, aggrieved party, or witness in this case. Nothing in this Order shall prohibit the independent management company from seeking redress through the courts to evict or collect monies owed by such tenants who occupy residential rental properties owned by Defendants.

(7) Defendant L.T.  Jackson shall not sexually harass any female tenant of any rental unit owned by him or the L.T. Jackson Trust.

SO ORDERED this___ day of June, 2002.


Document Filed: June 11, 2002
Updated August 6, 2015

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