Other Federal Agencies That Have Important Section 508 Roles.


The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board ("Access Board") is responsible for defining "electronic and information technology," for developing enforceable Standards for Section 508 by February 2000, and for providing technical assistance to persons and Federal departments and agencies having rights and responsibilities under Section 508.

The Access Board's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee ("EITAAC") will issue its advisory proposal in May 1999 (Access Board website). The Advisor Committee proposal is not the final rule issued by the Access Board and it is not an enforcable set of standards.

In developing the 508 Standards, the Access Board will consult with:

The Department of Education,

The General Services Administration ,

The Department of Commerce,

The Federal Communications Commission and

The Department of Defense.

The General Services Administration shares responsibility for providing technical assistance for Section 508.

The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council is charged with incorporating the Access Board's 508 Standards into the Federal Acquisition Regulation -- or "FAR" -- by August 2000.

All agencies and departments that are not covered by the FAR must revise their procurement policies and directives to incorporate the Access Board's Section 508 Standards.

ALL federal agencies and departments are required to evaluate the current extent to which their electronic and information technology is accessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities, and to report the findings of this self-evaluation to the Attorney General.

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