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Student or Temporary Appointments

Please review and complete the following documents prior to reporting for duty:

Form Name Description Download URL
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
SF-1152 Designation of Beneficiary for Unpaid Compensation SF-1152
SF-2809 Health Benefits Registration Form
SF-181 Race and Ethnicity Form SF-181
SF-256 Self-Identification of Disability SF-256
SF-144 Statement of Prior Federal Service

Payroll Documents

Complete the Federal withholding form and the applicable state tax form

Form Name Description Download URL
W-4 Federal Tax Withholding Form
D-4 DC Tax Withholding Form For DC Residents Only
MW-507 MD State Tax Withholding Form For MD Residents Only
VA-4 VA State Tax Withholding Form For VA Residents Only VA-4
D-4A Certificate of Non-residence in the District of Columbia
FICA Withholding for Social Security (FICA) taxes FICA Forms
SF-1199A Direct Deposit Form SF-1199A
AD 349 Employee Address AD-349
DOJ 543 Employee Locator Information

Please contact us at if you have questions or need assistance in completing the new employee documents.

Updated June 30, 2023