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What DOJ is Doing

Bringing human traffickers to justice and assisting trafficking survivors are top priorities of the U.S. Department of Justice. Responding to a crime as complex and as devastating as human trafficking is neither simple nor straightforward. The Department’s anti-trafficking efforts involve numerous components engaged in a full spectrum of activities: investigations, prosecutions, services for victims, trainings, enforcement and outreach initiatives to strengthen anti-trafficking partnerships, innovative prevention efforts, capacity-building programs that advance survivor-centered anti-trafficking strategies, and grant funding to state, local, and tribal authorities and to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

To achieve the goal of eradicating human trafficking and restoring the rights, dignity, and independence of victims and survivors, the Department designs and executes a number of special programs and initiatives meant to incorporate survivors’ perspectives, identify victims, hold traffickers accountable both in the United States and abroad, and build capacity to address human trafficking.

Updated September 13, 2022