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INTERPOL Washington Employees Working

Working at Interpol Washington

INTERPOL Washington utilizes a blended workforce of permanent Department of Justice employees and personnel detailed to it from its partnering law enforcement agencies. Permanent staff members and contractors come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and work as analysts, legal assistants, supervisors, program managers, administrative executives, and IT professionals.

To apply for a permanent position with INTERPOL Washington, please visit USAJOBS and review the current vacancy announcements. Please note that in order to be employed at INTERPOL Washington, the individual must:

  • Be a Citizen of the United States of America
  • Be able to pass a security background check

Detail assignments to INTERPOL Washington are subject to Memorandums of Agreement with individual partnering agencies that specify the terms and conditions of the detail. Agencies wishing to enter into a partnering agreement with INTERPOL Washington should contact the Office of the Administrative Officer for additional information. Individuals from agencies with an existing partnering agreement should contact their immediate supervisor and/or Human Resources officer for assistance.

Working at Interpol Headquarters

If you are interested in working at INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon, France, please visit the website

Updated October 21, 2022