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Press Release


For Immediate Release
INTERPOL Washington

INTERPOL Washington’s Project TERMINUS, in collaboration with the National Central Bureau (NCB) Panama, has significantly enhanced Panama's border security by integrating INTERPOL data into the newly established Border Information and Analysis Targeting Unit (BIATU).

“Through international collaboration, we have significantly increased our Panamanian partners’ ability to detect and disrupt threats, increasing the security in both of our nations,” said INTERPOL Washington Acting Director Jeffrey Grimming. “By better enabling the BIATU to provide timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence to border security leaders, we have collectively made significant strides toward building a safer region and safer world for us all.”  

The Panama Ministry of Security recently established BIATU to provide critical intelligence at both strategic and operational levels to law enforcement. This U.S. Embassy-vetted unit operates with the support of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection advisor, who collaborates closely with BIATU personnel to address security vulnerabilities and threats.

However, during an initial site survey by PROJECT Terminus at the BIATU fusion center, it was determined that the center lacked direct access to INTERPOL databases managed by NCB Panama, causing significant gaps and delays in information exchange.

With funding from the U.S. Department of State, Project TERMINUS facilitated the direct connection of BIATU to critical INTERPOL data through NCB Panama, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. This integration not only strengthens Panama's overall security but also reinforces its relations with partner nations.

Project TERMINUS provides expert technical assistance to countries across the world seeking to integrate access to INTERPOL databases into their national border security information-sharing systems. This assistance helps nations screen against the illicit international travel of transnational criminals and terrorists.


Max Bluestein
Senior Advisor, INTERPOL Washington

Updated June 13, 2024