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HR Order DOJ1200.1: Part 1. Employment: Chapter 1-8, Part-Time Career Employment Program (March 26, 2004)

A. References.


5 U.S.C. Chapter 34

Code of Federal Regulations

5 CFR Part 340, Subparts A
and B

Key terms Part-time career employment

Full-time work schedule

B. Policy.

  1. Program. The Department of Justice will provide career part-time employment opportunities in positions through GS-15 or equivalent subject to agency resources and mission requirements.
  2. Bureau Heads. Bureau heads will establish and maintain a part-time employment program within their respective organizations consistent with the requirements of 5 U.S.C. 3402.
  3. Departmental Coordinator. The Director, Human Resources Staff, Justice Management Division, is hereby designated as the Departmental Part-Time Career Employment Coordinator.
  4. Organization Coordinators. The Executive Officers of the Offices, Boards, and Divisions, and Personnel Officers in the bureaus are hereby designated as Part-Time Career Employment Coordinators with the responsibility for representing the heads of their respective organizations in the administration of the Part-Time Career Employment Program. This responsibility may be redelegated.
  5. Limitations. Bureaus will not abolish any position occupied by an employee in order to make the duties of such position available to be performed on a part-time career employment basis. Any person who is employed on a full-time basis in an agency shall not be required to accept part-time employment as a condition of continued employment.
  6. Increase or Decrease in Hours Worked. Part-time career employment is regularly scheduled work of 16 to 32 hours per week. It is contrary to merit principles to appoint an individual to work part-time with the intent to convert the employee to full-time after a brief interval. Unexpected increases in workload may require management to change the work schedule of a part-time employee to full-time on either a short-term or permanent basis. A temporary increase in the tour of duty above 32 hours per week is not permitted for more than two consecutive pay periods. A permanent change to a full-time work schedule removes the position from coverage under the Part-Time Career Employment Program. A reduction in the scheduled hours of a part-time employee is not subject to reduction-in-force or adverse action procedures.

C. Documentation and Reporting

  1. Reporting Requirements. Bureaus are required to submit to the Director, Human Resources Staff, by May 1 and November 1, each year, a narrative report for their respective organizations which describe the following activities:
    1. Goals and timetables that were established in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 3402(a)(1)(C).
    2. Progress toward meeting the goals.
    3. To the extent practicable, information concerning part-time career employment offers made during the period covered by the report to older individuals, handicapped individuals, persons with family responsibilities, students, or others who required a reduced workweek.
    4. An explanation of any impediments in meeting goals or in otherwise carrying out the provisions of this instruction, together with a statement of the measures taken to overcome such impediments.
  2. Program Evaluation. Review and evaluation of the Part-Time Career Employment Program will be conducted by the Human Resources Staffin periodic personnel management evaluations. Evaluation factors will include: (1) issuance of internal policy statements and publications in support of part-time career employment; (2) recruitment efforts made to employ part-time workers; (3) increase in part-time career employment through conversions from full-time to part-time; and (4) increase in part-time career employment through new hires.

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