Publications and Resources

Annual Reports of the Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Program

Asset Forfeiture Fund and Seized Asset Deposit Fund Annual Financial Statements

Attorneys General Biographies

Budget and Performance Summaries

Budget Fact Sheets

Congressional Budget Submissions

Department of Justice FY 2019 Contingency Plan (subject to change)
FY 2019 Contingency Plan | FY 2019 Contingency Plan Data

DOJ Information Technology Strategic Plan, FY 2015-2018 (PDF)

DOJ Seal: History and Motto

Department of Justice Information Technology (IT) Policies

E-Government Status Report
FY 2011 (PDF) | FY 2010 (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Strategic Plan, 2015-2018 (PDF)

Exhibit 300s

Forecast of Contracting Opportunities

Information Quality Guidelines

IRM Systems Development Life Cycle

JMD Language Access Plan (PDF)

JMD Diversity Management Plan (PDF)

Manual and Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation

Optimum Fleet Attainment Plan
Attachment 1 - Vehicle Allocation Methodology Study (PDF | HTML)
Attachment 2 - Law Enforcement Exemption Memorandum

Organization, Mission and Functions Manual

Reports on Department of Justice Conference Expenses

Narrative Overview
      FY 2017 | FY 2016 | FY 2015 | FY 2014 | FY 2013 | FY 2012
Department of Justice Conferences With Expenses Over $100,000
      FY 2017 | FY 2016 | FY 2015 |  FY 2014 | FY 2013 | FY 2012
Department of Justice waiver for conferences exceeding $500k
      FY 2017 | FY 2016 | FY 2015 | FY 2014 | FY 2013


The Robert F. Kennedy Building: Celebrating Art and Architecture on the 75th Anniversary (PDF)

Semiannual Reporting as Required by the Inspector General Act

Special Counsel’s Office Statement of Expenditures

Oct. 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018  |  May 17, 2017 – September 30, 2017

Strategic Plans

Working Capital Fund Customer Service Guide


Updated January 11, 2019

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