Child Custody and Visitation (P.L. 105-374)


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Public Law
P.L.105-374, 112 Stat. 3383 (1998)
H.R. 4164, Enrolled, January 27, 1998
H.R. 4164, Introduced and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, June 25, 1998
H.R. 4164, Engrossed as agreed to or passed, July 14, 1998
H.R. 4164, Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, July 15, 1998
H.R. 4164, Engrossed amendment as agree to by Senate, October 21, 1998
House report 105-546, Child Custody and Visitation Determinations, May 21, 1998
Hearings and Related Documents
Enforcement of child custody orders, hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property of the Committee on Judiciary, House of Representatives, 105th Congress, 2nd Session, on H.R. 1690, April 23, 1998 [PDF]
Public bills and resolutions, Congressional Record H5402 June 25, 1998
Enforcement of child custody orders, Congressional Record H5437 July 14, 1998
Additional sponsors, Congressional Record H5493 July 14, 1998
Message from the House, Congressional Record S8239 July 15, 1998
Child Custody Legislation, Hatch and Biden Amendment No. 3837, Congressional Record S12878 October 21, 1998
Amending Title 28, U.S. Code with respect to the Enforcement of Child Custody and Visitation Orders, Congressional Record S12941 October 21, 1998
Message from the Senate, Congressional Record H11698 October 21, 1998
Enforcement of child custody orders, Congressional Record H11699 October 21, 1998
Enrolled bills signed after sign die adjournment, Congressional Record H11707 November 12, 1998
Bills, joint resolution and concurrent resolutions presented to the president after sign die adjournment, Congressional Record H11708 November 12, 1998
Messages from the House received subsequent to sign die adjournment, enrolled bills and joint resolution signed, Congressional Record S12983 November 12, 1998
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