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Official photo of John Haried
Staff Profile
Program Manager, Electronic Litigation (eLIT) Group

John Haried

John Haried is the Program Manager of the Electronic Litigation Group for the Department of Justice and the Chair of DOJ’s Electronic Litigation Steering Committee. He is responsible for coordinating advancements in DOJ’s ability to utilize electronic evidence, manage electronic case information, and conduct electronic litigation efficiently and effectively in criminal and civil cases. Mr. Haried works with the Department’s eight litigating divisions, five law enforcement agencies, Chief Information Officers, Office of Legal Education, and budget and human resources staff to integrate people, technology, practices, training, and Department policy. During 33 years with DOJ, he has served at the Senior Counsel for Criminal eLitigation for the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, the Assistant National Criminal Discovery Coordinator, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, White Collar Section Chief, and Professional Responsibility Officer. Mr. Haried was a Colorado state prosecutor for eight years.

Updated May 2, 2024