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Dual Certification

U.S. Department of Justice
Justice Management Division
Personnel Staff                       


Washington, D.C. 20530

March 14, 2002


FROM:            Ana A. Mazzi
                         Acting Director, Personnel Staff
                         Justice Management Division

SUBJECT:      Dual Certification

In August 2001, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) notified agencies that dual certification of candidates was a mandatory policy. OPM has reconsidered its policy on this matter, and has returned to the optional use method for dual certifying candidates referred for competitive appointment. OPM's position on this issue, and its operative policy for dual certification, is further explained in the attached memorandum.

Questions regarding dual certification may be referred to LaShon Adams or Jolliette Spencer, of my staff's Policy Group, on (202) 514-6778.


United States Office of Personnel Management Washington, DC 20415-0001


FROM:   ELLEN E. TUNSTALL (…signed, March 7, 2002…)
Assistant Director for Employment Policy

SUBJECT:  Dual Certification

Last August, we notified you that dual certification was mandatory until further notice. We are pleased to inform you that, effective immediately, you may return to the optional use of dual certification. This change is consistent with our long-standing policy, as well as interim regulations published on February 15, 2002 (Recruitment and Selection through Competitive Examination, Volume 67, FR 7055).

Accordingly, the operative policy is as follows: You must dual certify candidates if an agency requests a certificate of eligibles to fill a single vacancy at multiple grades, or if there is a shortage of well-qualified candidates. Otherwise, you may choose not to dual certify. The decision not to dual certify should be an exception to standard examining procedures, not the norm. You should choose single certification only when it is necessary for the efficient operation of your staffing program. For example, single certification might be appropriate when an agency fills similar positions in multiple locations simultaneously, or uses a standing inventory to fill multiple positions simultaneously or throughout the year. If you elect to single certify candidates, you must notify all applicants of your intent to do so. One way to satisfy this requirement is to put such notification in the job announcement.

If you have specific questions about certification, please call your local Office of Personnel Management Service Center or Customer Service Office.

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