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Best Practices Workshop on Technology in FOIA to Be Held Virtually

The Office of Information Policy (OIP) continues its Best Practices Workshop Series with a workshop on FOIA and technology.  This session, previously scheduled for January and cancelled due to inclement weather, will be held on April 20, 2020 from 10am-12pm via online teleconference.  Please note the new time.      

The workshop will focus on the Chief FOIA Officer Council Technology Committee's recent work, including a number of key findings and best practices on agency’s use of technology to improve FOIA administration.  The session will provide agency attendees an opportunity to ask any questions they have on how they can greater utilize technology for FOIA and discuss how implementation of certain best practices can improve their FOIA administration.  We encourage attendees to come ready with questions and items for discussion.   

The workshop is open to all agency FOIA professionals and interested personnel.  Registration is required for attendance.  Government employees must use their government email address to register for the event through Eventbrite.  Those previously registered for the April session will remain registered, and we have opened up additional availability for new registrants.    

For anyone who is unable to join, OIP will add a summary of the best practices discussed to our website.

OIP launched the Best Practices Workshop series in 2014 as a way to share and leverage successes in FOIA administration across the government.  The Best Practices Workshops offer opportunities for agencies to engage on current issues in FOIA administrations.  Each workshop in the series focuses on a specific topical area and includes a panel of representatives who share their success stories and strategies.  The series continues to be an opportunity for professionals at every level of the FOIA process to learn from one another and to leverage the successes of other agencies for their own organizations.

Do you have ideas for future meeting topics and potential panelists?  Please email us at with the subject line “Best Practices Workshop Suggestion.”

Updated April 7, 2020