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FOIA Library

Many documents are available to the public without having to make a FOIA request.  These documents are called “proactive disclosures” because they are automatically posted online by all Department components.  Please find links below to all Department of Justice components to access their documents that are available online.

FOIA Processed Documents

Documents in this category have been disclosed, in full or with redactions, pursuant to previous FOIA requests.  While all components post “frequently requested records,” or those which have been released three or more times to FOIA requesters, they may also post other FOIA-processed documents which are likely to be of interest to the public.

Operational Documents

Documents in this category consist of policy statements, staff manuals and instructions, final opinions and orders, which are always available without making a FOIA request.  The proactive disclosure of these records allows you to instantly access information which relates to the Department’s day-to-day operations.

Access OIP documents 

Access documents for all DOJ components

Updated May 18, 2023