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Department of Justice FOIA Regulations

The rules that detail the Department of Justice’s procedures for implementing the FOIA and the Privacy Act are provided in the links below. The links to Subpart A and its subsections are to the e-CFR.

Subpart A - Procedures for Disclosure of Records Under the Freedom of Information Act, 28 C.F.R. § 16 (2022) (PDF)

16.1 General Provisions.
16.2 Proactive disclosure of Department Records.
16.3 Requirements for making requests.
16.4 Responsibility for responding to requests.
16.5 Timing of responses to requests.
16.6 Responses to requests.
16.7 Confidential commercial information.
16.8 Administrative Appeals.
16.9 Preservation of records.
16.10 Fees.
16.11 Other rights and services.

Subpart D - Protection of Privacy and Access to Individual Records Under the Privacy Act of 1974 (PDF)

16.40 General provisions.(PDF)
16.41 Requests for access to records. (PDF)
16.42 Responsibility for responding to requests for access to records. (PDF)
16.43 Responses to requests for access to records. (PDF)
16.44 Classified Information. (PDF)
16.45 Appeals from denials of requests for access to records. (PDF)
16.46 Requests for amendment or correction of records. (PDF)
16.47 Requests for an accounting of record disclosures. (PDF)
16.48 Preservation of records. (PDF)
16.49 Fees. (PDF)
16.50 Notice of court-ordered and emergency disclosures. (PDF)
16.51 Security of systems of records. (PDF)
16.52 Contracts for the operation of record systems. (PDF)
16.53 Use and collection of social security numbers. (PDF)
16.54 Employee standards of conduct. (PDF)
16.55 Other rights and services. (PDF)

Appendix to Part 16 - Components of the Department of Justice

Appendix I

Updated July 14, 2023