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Department of Justice Issues 2010 FOIA Litigation and Compliance Report

Each year, on or before April 1st, the Department of Justice submits to Congress a FOIA Litigation and Compliance Report containing a description of its efforts to encourage agency compliance with the FOIA.  This Report describes the guidance issued, training conducted, and counseling services provided by the Department’s Office of Information Policy to assist agencies in properly administering the FOIA.  For 2010, those efforts once again focused on implementation of the President’s Memorandum on the FOIA and the Attorney General’s FOIA Guidelines.  The 2010 Report also highlights the Department’s development of its new website FOIA.Gov. The FOIA Litigation and Compliance Report is accompanied by a listing of the FOIA litigation cases received during 2010 as well as a listing of the court decisions rendered in FOIA cases during 2010.  The list of decisions rendered during 2010 includes the exemptions at issue in each case and a notation regarding whether any fees were assessed.   The Department’s 2010 Litigation and Compliance Report, as well as previous years’ reports, are available on the Reports page of our site.
Updated August 6, 2014