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FOIA Court Decisions Now Available Weekly

In order to provide agency FOIA professionals and interested members of the public with more timely access to information on significant FOIA decisions, OIP will begin posting its summaries of court decisions each week, rather than each month.  As an example of this new format, the decisions for May 2012 have been posted as weekly files on our Court Decisions page, and the June court decisions will be the first month posted on a weekly basis.

The May decisions include a ruling by the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  The case involved a request made to the National Security Agency, seeking any communications allegedly exchanged between the NSA and Google regarding encryption and cyber security.  The D.C. Circuit upheld NSA's decision to neither confirm nor deny the existence of any records based on Section 6 of the National Security Act.  The full summary of this decision, Elec. Priv. Info. Ctr. v. NSA, No. 11-5233, 2012 WL 1654953 (D.C. Cir. May 11, 2012), is available in the summaries for the week ending May 11th.     

You can access the weekly summaries, as well as all our previous monthly case summaries, on our Court Decisions page.  We also organize court decisions by topic to make it easier to find the latest decisions addressing particular topical areas.   

Updated August 6, 2014