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Chief FOIA Officer Reports Q&As

Chief FOIA Officer Reports Q&As

Q: May my agency include in our Chief FOIA Officer Report examples and other activities and initiatives connected with implementing the President's and Attorney General's FOIA Memoranda that occur after the end of Fiscal Year 2009?

Yes. Agency Chief FOIA Officer Reports are not limited to the fiscal year time table. Agencies are encouraged to include in their Chief FOIA Officer Reports activities, examples, or initiatives that occur up until the time the Reports are first submitted to the Office of Information Policy on March 1, 2010.

Q: If my agency processes FOIA requests on a decentralized basis, should our Chief FOIA Officer Report provide the required information for each component?

Yes. Agencies utilizing a decentralized FOIA processing system are strongly encouraged to provide the required information on a component-by-component basis, just as is done with agencies' Annual FOIA Reports.

Updated July 28, 2021