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FOIA Update: 1984 Case List

FOIA Update
Vol. V, No. 2

1984 Case List

The Office of Information and Privacy will publish the 1984 edition of the Freedom of Information Case List in September. Agencies wishing to order multiple copies of the Case List should do so by forwarding a requisition (specifying publication number 4-00594-DK-40004) to the Government Printing Office by no later than Aug. 17. The base price for the 1984 edition is expected to be only approximately $2 when ordered in advance through agency printing officers.

As in the past, the Office of Information and Privacy will send one courtesy copy of the Case List to each principal FOIA contact at each agency. Additional copies must either be ordered in advance or purchased at full price from the GPO bookstore. The bookstore price last year was $6.50.

The 1984 edition of the Case List will once again contain a comprehensive listing and index of FOIA and Privacy Act decisions, as well as an updated "Short Guide to the Freedom of Information Act," and the texts of the FOIA, the Privacy Act and the other major federal access statutes.

Pamela Maida, editor of the Case List, is available to answer inquiries at (FTS) 724-7402.

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Updated August 13, 2014